Foundational Franchising

Foundational Franchising Beliefs

At Apex Franchise Development Group we believe and strive to create alignment between the Franchisor and Franchise owners. We call this alignment Foundational Franchising. We create Foundational Franchising by identifying the true purpose of the organization. Our belief is that all of us, including the franchise organization, must be driven by more than money or we risk not realizing our full potential. What we want to create is an organization where the Franchisor and Franchisees live in harmony; driven by the same common purpose and anchored with aligned interests. We have learned that there is a difference between a purpose-driven culture and business success. An organization’s purpose and vision should energize and engage franchise owners, employees, and partners and promote creativity and innovation. When done right this approach toward franchising creates an organization with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Foundational Franchising is created by three elements:

1. Vision (Big Dream)

The vision of the franchise should focus on the future and serve to keep the organization focused on what really matters. Any activity that is not moving toward the fulfillment of the franchise vision should certainly be scrutinized and most likely discarded. With a well thought vision in place, all stakeholders are afforded a clear picture of where the franchise is headed.

2. Our Purpose (Mission)

The franchisor’s purpose should identify why they do what they do for reasons other than monetary. The organizational mission should excite and motivate people to achieve a greater purpose. It should serve as one of the main driving forces behind all key decision-making.

3. Our Values (What do we believe in?)

Values represent who the franchise is at its core. Values not only serve to identify who we are as an organization, but also communicate to everyone the hills we are willing to die on. All decisions should be based on our values. Therefore, every franchise should operate in alignment with their identified values. They should hire, fire, and decide strategic initiatives based upon their values. Organizational values should dictate our actions and behaviors and communicate who we are and what we stand for as an organization. A franchisor’s values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization.

Every stakeholder (Franchisor, Franchise Owners, Employees, Investors, Vendors, Partners, etc..) in the franchise business must be aligned and buy into the Vision, Purpose, & Values of the organization. When aligned by the three elements of Foundational Franchising, the franchisor and franchise owner find themselves working in harmony toward achieving a common vision. They also become driven by a common purpose, and connected as a community through a common set of values.


Ryan Rao is a Principal of Apex Franchise Development Group and is a franchise development expert who has grown multiple franchise based businesses into national and international brands. Franchising has allowed him to help individuals realize their dreams of business ownership, while permitting them to experience the independence, flexibility, and freedom that comes with being a business owner. He also serves as a franchise consultant, and is a personal growth advocate.

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