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Big League Networking

Networking can be overwhelming and your mind can be racing with questions: What events should I attend? Are they a good use of my time? What do I say? What do I want to achieve? Networking can be used to find a new job, drum up new business, but successful networking all starts with a […]

Structuring your business as a Franchise

A number of studies have been published to compare the success rate of independent small businesses to franchises; such as 2012 study from FranNet which claims “91% success rate for franchises, 42% higher than typical small businesses” (Yahoo). The International Franchise Association (IFA) has published studies which state “90 percent of franchisees renew their contracts […]

Evaluating Investment Opportunities

As Romeo’s Pizza and Pizzafire have been accelerating in growth we have had the opportunity to structure alternative investments for a number of individuals. The appetite of the investment can be drilled down to 3 points.  The answer to these three points are a necessity when considering the investment. 1. Evaluating the Leadership Team “Leadership is the […]

Motivate your staff

The most important factor in scaling your restaurant from one unit to multiple units is the staff.  There is a tremendous need in the restaurant industry for professionals who buy into the process, develop their staff, and grow sales. The days of expecting clock punchers and “you should be thankful for just having a job” are […]

Disciplined Innovation

How creative is your company? A 2010 study of 1,500 CEO’s indicated that leaders rank creativity as the No. 1 leadership attribute needed for prosperity. It’s the one thing that can’t be outsourced; the one thing that’s the lifeblood of sustainable competitive advantage. Hyper-growth companies such as Zappos, Groupon, and Uber credit a culture of […]

Four Steps to Restaurant Success

Four Steps to Restaurant Profitability While the end product is crucial to restaurant success, the profitability of the business is dependent on far more variables. Follow these 4 steps to help increase your probability of success in the restaurant industry. 1. Identify Market & Location Who is your customer? Focus in on the customer. Identify […]

Why do your employees leave?

Why are employee’s leaving your company? Let’s reverse the question; Why do your employees stay? How much does your company spend on recruiting? Interviewing? Onboarding? The golden rule of being with one company for a career is retiring with the baby boomers. Much of the knock on millennials entering the workforce is the lack of […]

How to prepare for a career after college in just three steps

Step one Ask your professors, career services officials, family/friends, etc. if they will grab a cup of coffee with you (they will). Start off asking about their background: How did they get into their field? Where did they go to school? What was their major? In hindsight, what would they tell their 18-year-old self? What […]

I want to own a business; What are my options?

Three different roads to business ownership are possible each with challenges and opportunities. 1. Startup Attempting to start a business from zero is the riskiest of the three but in certain scenarios it offers the highest upside. Having an idea is just the start. The business will need to consider corporate and production processes, accounting […]