Foundational Franchising

Foundational Franchising Beliefs

At Apex Franchise Development Group we believe and strive to create alignment between the Franchisor and Franchise owners. We call this alignment Foundational Franchising. We create Foundational Franchising by identifying the true purpose of the organization. Our belief is that all of us, including the franchise organization, must be driven by more than money or […]

True cost of Franchising

True cost of Franchising

5 Ways to Capitalize as a Franchisor

Why should I franchise my business?

Why should I franchise my business?

Franchising Myths for Emerging Brands

Why Franchisees Fail

Why Franchises Fail

Can I speak with a franchisee?

Franchise Partnership

Becoming a franchisee is a life changing decision. For most, the purchase of a franchise means transitioning out of a career, operating your own business for the first time, and investing ones hard earned savings. The good news, in virtually all scenarios, people prior to you have already made the same life changing decision. In […]

Culture of Execution: The Winning Franchise Formula

Culture of Execution: The Winning Formula

When it comes to creating the winning franchise formula most small business owners think they know the ingredients. If they didn’t, they most certainly wouldn’t venture out on their own. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, about 80% of businesses will survive their first year in business. About 66% will survive their second […]

So, you want to franchise your business but are you ready?


Franchising can be an attractive vehicle for businesses to achieve scale. Ask yourself these seven questions before you consider franchising your business. 1. Can my concept support franchising? Is your concept able to support a royalty structure? If your current business cannot achieve 20%+ EBITDA without royalty and marketing fees included in the P&L franchising […]

21 Powerful Questions to vet out a Franchise offering

Powerful questions to vet out a franchise offering

When most people think franchises they think McDonald’s. A global multinational brand which almost can’t fail. However, for much of the industry that is far from the case. According to a recent IFA conference there are more than 2,000 active Franchise systems under 20 units and almost 3,000 Franchise systems under 50 units. But how […]