How we can help

Organizational Development

Every strong organization has an even stronger understanding of who they are, what they value, where they are headed, and how they plan to get there. Apex Franchise Development Group believes in starting every relationship off on the right foot and ensuring a strong foundation. Therefore, we lead all our concepts through in-depth organizational development sessions that are designed to position the organization for growth and long-term success.

Franchising Readiness

Franchising can offer strong companies a platform for exponential growth. It can also be a catalyst for achieving organizational vision and goals. However, to succeed at franchising, specific legal documents must be developed and compliance standards must be met. We facilitate the development of all necessary documents and utilize the expertise of professional partners in their creation. We help organizations that are looking to franchise – or are already franchised but need to redevelop their legal documents – develop contracts and licenses that are designed to best represent and protect our clients’ interests.

Operational Readiness

Having a great concept is one thing. Generating a great return on investment is another. Having strong operations that execute very efficiently and effectively is a difference maker and key to long-term franchising success. To ensure long-term success, we help emerging and established concepts assess, develop, redevelop, formalize, and document their operational practices and standards. Well-developed operations not only lead to consistency in operations, but also ensures consistency in customer service, product integrity, and brand integrity. All of which are the critical to long-term success.

Brand Development

A concept’s brand represents who they are, both internally and externally. Brand images that are perceived in a positive light by customers and clients are most successful. Positive perception is inclusive of many aspects of a brand. Everything from customer service, operational excellence, product integrity, community involvement, marketing messages, logo and marketing materials, employee behavior, and leadership play into the brand image and can greatly influence how a brand is perceived. We review the current brand of our clients and help make changes to improve the brand’s strength and perception in the marketplace.

Franchise Development & Sales Strategy

Once a strong foundation has been developed by working through the Organizational Development, Franchise Readiness and Operational Readiness phases of our business development program, we strategically help concepts grow by working them through a well-developed growth plan and exposing them to a vast network of qualified investors and prospective franchisees that are aligned to the values and beliefs of the organization. Our team members have facilitated exponential growth for well-developed emerging brands, taking some of them from a handful of locations to hundreds within just a few years.


Marketing is crucial to brand recognition and sustaining market share. Marketing is more than advertising, communications, and promotion. We help develop marketing programs that are active and designed to drive business through the door. Great brands don’t wait for people to come through the door. Great brands engage their customers, create excitement for the brand, and develop a loyalty to the brand that withstands the test of time.

Business Analytics

Good decision making comes from knowing the numbers. As the great business leader, W. Edwards Deming once said, “In God we trust, all others bring data”. Data (“the numbers”) should drive decision making. Knowing the numbers allows great brands to know who their customers are, know the markets where they are best positioned for success, and know what works and doesn’t work from a marketing and sales standpoint. We help concepts know and understand the Data and facilitate the making of strong decisions using that data so the brand is best positioned for success.

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